Friday, June 21, 2013

Is writing enough? An update on the past, present and future of this blog

I doubt anyone still reads this blog, given that, well, there’s been nothing to read for a while. But for anyone who still checks in from time to time or subscribes via email, I wanted to provide an update as to why the blog has been in hibernation and what its future might be.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Occupy: Reflecting on year one

I wrote the following piece for Reality Sandwich. Since this was written with a new audience in mind, some of the ground covered in this article has already been covered in previous posts here, so I apologize to my regular readers for repeating myself a bit. As an aside, I highly recommend Reality Sandwich for anyone interested in new paradigms, new thoughtscapes, applied spirituality, or broadening their perspective of world affairs.

Reflecting on Occupy could be seen as a redundant exercise, given that the movement itself was born of reflection. Plenty would disagree, and insist it was frustration – boiled over from one too many pink slips, foreclosed homes or soul-crushing commercials – that sparked Occupy’s flame. True as this may be, the serious contemplation and reexamination of long-held assumptions required for the movement’s signature disregard of even the most sacred cows can’t be discounted either. While 99% of people on the planet may indeed be in the same rough boat economically, it can also be made fairly apparent from a typical afternoon stroll that an equal percentage of folks aren’t engaged in this type of reflecting.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Why are we occupying?

The following post – currently appearing in Nation of Change and Truthout - is an updated and slightly edited version of a post from earlier in the year about Occupy’s May 1st day of action. To celebrate Occupy’s 1 year anniversary, I’m re-releasing this piece with an altered theme more appropriate to today and the road ahead.

Why are we occupying? Or to put it another way – what’s wrong with the world?